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Warmth&comfort while you work...
Lovely warm hands with the added bonus of extremely high levels of cut and abrasion resistance. Plus, a supple latex palm, excellent grip and you can enjoy a really luxurious level of comfort.

If you’re working outside in winter or even if your every-day environment is chilly, Hongxing will allow you to operate freely without your fingers feeling like blocks of ice.

It's the ideal glove for landscape gardeners, agricultural workers, builders, tree surgeons, gamekeepers and estate managers. Here you can see Hongxing in action being used for various outside tasks including fencing, tree planting and dry-stone walling. It performed well and the feedback from the end-user was excellent!

Hongxing is also great for indoor environments with little or no heating. It's bitterly cold in warehouses when the delivery doors are open wide even in mid-winter. Refrigerated storage for retail and wholesale, especially food products are obviously extremely cold; large factory buildings can be freezing just due to their size and the difficulty involved in keeping them warm. Hongxing gloves keep your hands cosy and allow you to get on with your work despite the uncomfortable temperatures!

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